3rd East Anglia Clubman Event – 17th June 2017 – South Norfolk MFC

Our 3rd Clubman Event was blessed with a very hot sunny day with a light cross wind.  Twelve pilots entered and we again had 5 mentors.

Once again, the entrants had a wide range of ability ranging from a relatively recent C Aerobatic to an A Cert.  This is just what we intended.  The aircraft used also ranged from a foamy Wot 4 to a current F3A 2 mtr standard aircraft.  The list continues with an Acrowot, a Wots Wot, Leo 110, Angel, HK Ionos, Wind S 50, Fantasista 110, Acacia, Nuance 70/HK Scanner.  So, if you think you need a fancy aerobatic machine to enter I hope you will realise that you don’t!  You can learn just as much from flying a standard club aerobat provided you have taken the time to trim the aircraft and set up the engine before the event.

As always, we started with a demonstration of the Clubman Schedule.  On this occasion, it was flown with a Bondaero Fantasista 70 by Adrian Harrison.  We then got into the main event.  Again, as always, the first round flights were a bit ragged as nerves came into play – it’s very difficult to divorce the fact that everyone is watching you!  However, as the day wore on, nerves steadied and by taking note of their mentor’s guidance the standard of flying went up steadily.

A special mention for Richard Slaughter and Kevin Griss.  Richard couldn’t get his failsafe to work and so spent a considerable amount of time fault finding until eventually he realised where the problem lay.  A change of Rx resulted in success and he joined the fray having missed the first slot.  Kevin had a different problem associated with using twin elevator servos the mixing together of which was giving slightly dissimilar movements of the elevator – not good!  Again, after much tweaking the problem was reduced but not completely eliminated.  (I believe that he has now resolved the problem).  Phil Gutteridge was also unlucky to have his throttle servo malfunction and stick at full throttle.  Unfortunately, this was not resolvable at the field.

Over lunch, Adrian Harrison treated us to a great display of the 2 FAI schedules, P17 and F17.  Once again, those pilots who had never seen an FAI schedule flown were blown away.  While the key point of the day was not, repeat, not to drive people to fly in competition, but to learn how to fly aerobatics.  However, I hope that having seen what precision aerobatics looks like that some of the attendees will become sufficiently motivated to give aerobatic competition a go in due course.

Thank you to Richard Slaughter, Chairman of South Norfolk Club, and the members for giving up their patch to host this event.  Thank you also to Phil Gutteridge and Glenn Rackstraw for preparing the field and encouraging so many members of the Club to give the day a go.  As it happens, four Clubs were represented by their members – SNMFC, RADMAC, MSRM and Stansted.

Finally, the participants were:  Robert Coggan, Chris Berry, Mike Rieder, Marc Osbourne, Kevin Hunt, Phil Gutteridge, Jim Howard, Kevin Griss, Glenn Rackstraw, Richard Slaughter, Neil Shave and Mike.  All departed well pleased with what they had learned during the day.  None of this would have been possible without the mentors so very many thanks to Mark Allen, Al Williams, Bill Michie and Adrian Harrison – I joined the fun as the 5th mentor.  The photo shows all the participants and the mentors at the beginning of the day.

We also had a visit by the BMFA Hon Sec, Mark Benns, who was very interested to see what the East Anglia Area gets up to.  Mark stayed for a couple of hours and was able to meet 3 Club Chairmen as well as speak to a number the participants.  Thanks for making the effort Mark!

There is one more Clubman Event which will be on the 20th August at the Tendring MFC.  There are still spaces available if you wish to join the fun.  Please contact Peter Jenkins at peterjenkinsbmfc@btinternet.com.

For those pilots interested in flying in an event that simulates a competition, we are running a New (to aerobatics) Pilot Open Day (NPOD) on Sat 23rd September at the Bury MFC’s Knettishall site.

Front row kneeling:  Glen Rackstraw, Marc Osbourne, Kevin Griss
Second row: Chris Berry, Mike Rieder, Kevin Hunt, Jim Howard, Robert Coggan, Phil Gutteridge, Richard Slaughter, Al Williams, Adrian Harrison, Bill Michie and Peter Jenkins

Photo courtesy of Mark Allen.