Achievement Scheme

What we want to do here is to focus on how you can get help and assistance in the East Anglia Area for Achievement Scheme matters.

If your Club needs help with examination or instruction for A, B or C certificates then contact the Achievement Scheme Coordinator – Phil Gutteridge via our contacts page. Within the East Anglia Area, we have the following Area Chief Examiners and Area Chief Instructors who Phil can ask to give your Club the assistance you need. He can also call on help from outside the Area when needed.

Phil Gutteridge – ACE & ACI, FW

Garry Peacock – ACE & ACI, FW

Dave Wilde – ACE & ACI, FW, H & SF

Bill Michie – ACE, FW

Jason Channing – ACE, H

Neil Garnett – ACE, FW & H

Colin Bliss – ACE, FW & H

Please note that the BMFA has launched a dedicated website for the Achievement Scheme (AS). It can be found here. Their is also a BMFA Achievement Scheme discussion group on Facebook.

The BMFA Handbook has been split into an Achievement Scheme handbook and the new BMFA Handbook, when it is published later in 2017, will no longer contain any information on the Achievement Scheme tests. Note that the BMFA Handbook will still contain all the Safety and information sections that will be required for taking an Achievement Scheme test. The AS website also contains the guidance notes for all AS tests. Guidance notes are re-issued every year and Examiners, Instructors and Candidates should download and study the current requirements for the test they wish to take. The AS Website also contains information on Mandatory Questions and has quizes to allow you to test yourself in private!

Examiner Workshops

The BMFA requires Areas to run workshops for the purpose of ensuring that all examiners operate to the same standards and that these are understood also by Instructors and candidates.

The East Anglia Area has run 2 workshops every year since 2014. We intend to hold 2 more Workshops in 2017. The first one was held on Saturday 6th May at the South Norfolk MFC near Wymondham, Norfolk – please see the Latest News section for a report on this event. The second event will be announced later on in the year.