Area Support for Local Events

East Anglian Area support for local events

Guidelines for proposers

The Area will support events organised by clubs and others within the East Anglian Area. The premise is that such events are open to all BMFA members within the area. There is an inherent expectation that the management of such events will be properly organised and appropriately advertised. The Area is not in a position to simply give a hand-out, the Area is funded directly from BMFA members subscriptions and thus has to carry out its duties on sound and informed basis.

The Area runs its own managed events, these events are organised by the Area Committee and agreed at Area meetings.  Some of these events are arranged as part of the BMFA remit to the Area.

Club or other events are supported after agreement by the Area Committee. Such club events can be either one-off or held on a regular basis.

The one-off events will be considered on a per event basis. There is an expectation that the costs incurred are relative, reasonable and applicable to the proposed activity. The Clubs organising are expected to make a contribution as well as those attending and participating. Area support would be awarded on a case by case basis. Area support would expect to be acknowledged as part of the publicity.

Regular events require a different consideration. The body running the event will need to ensure that they have sufficient funding to carry on over a period of time. Occasional losses can thus be sustained being set against surplus at other times. However, an overall breakeven should be sustainable. The Area will, if deemed appropriate, support these events.

A programme of Indoor meetings would fall under the guise of being a regular meeting. The question is the calculation basis for such support. As with one-off events the organisers of regular events are expected to ensure the management of the event is set up on a financially sound basis.

Organisers of a regular event seeking support would be expected to present analysis and information spread over a relative period time. The area would expect to see a reasonable contribution from those partaking. Different settings will dictate a different format and monetary profile. As with one off events the area will consider any application that shows sensible and appropriate expense management and is an overall benefit to the area.

The area does not specify a particular format for any submissions. The area simply expects that any organiser seeking financial help will provide appropriate analysis/information with their case. The better the case the more likely the support.

If you are desirous of support, get in contact and come a long to an Area committee meeting and make your case. The Area will listen. The Area wants to support and help initiatives and where and when it is appropriate it will do so.

Subsequent to support being given the Area would expect feedback for possible publication on the Area website and for future advice to other seeking financial assistance.

Michael J. Woodhouse – September 2018