Norwich MAC – Indoor Flying Dates

The Norwich Model Aero Club is pleased to be associated with a Group who organise a very successfully run number of Indoor Flying Events through the Autumn and Winter periods.
These usually take place every two weeks in a Bright, Modern and “Heated” Sports Hall with High Ceilings and an upstairs Spectators Viewing Area at The Open Academy, Salhouse Road, Norwich, NR7 9DL.
The events are open to both Club and non Club Members and cover most disciplines from Small Fixed Wing, Free Flight, Rubber Powered as well as F3P aerobatic, Small Heli’s, Quads, Drones including FPV, Hovercrafts and Go karts with timed slots to avoid clashes. Maximum model weight is 250grams (all up including power supply) and BMFA Insurance is required, although a 30 day temporary Insurance cover can be arranged on the night.
Help is always on hand from Experienced to Intermediate Flyers to help Beginners get started. Light refreshments and snacks are also available.
Costs vary depending on attendance but approx £2 for juniors/spectators and £7 for adults.
Contact Graham Gooch – 07762 824428 or
Dates:- Oct 13 & 24, Nov 10 & 24, Dec 8 & 19, Jan 5 & 19, Feb 2, 20, Mar 2 & 16 and are shown on the Calendar as well.