Control Line F2B Aerobatics in Cambridge

June 13, 2021 all-day
John Copsey

This is an annual event organised by John Copsey on behalf of Impington Village College Model Aeroplane Club.  The prize is the Malmstrom Cup named after the founder of the club Ray Malmstrom who started the club in 1946.

Some pictures of the last event are below.  Everyone is welcome.

For those that don’t know, CLAPA (Control Line Aerobatic Pilots Association) is the BMFA Special Interest Group which organises CL Precision Aerobatics events in the UK.

UK based F2b pilots who are within reasonable travelling distance of Cambridge, will be turning up (weather permitting, of course) and competing for the RayMalmström Cup as well as their standing in the 2021 CLAPA League table.

The event invariably sees some very exciting flying, so why not come and see what it is all about.

AS WELL AS F2b flying, the club is willing to hold an entry level competition if there is enough interest (minimum 3 competitors).  This will either be a ‘Taster Stunt’* event or a ‘Class ll’ event **.

* Taster Stunt is a judged competition for novices, where you perform some compulsory, but very basic manoeuvres, (like taking off and landing), and then nominate to perform other ‘stunts’ (that you are comfortable executing) from an approved list.  The more manoeuvres you correctly execute (in the stated order) the more points you get.  Any control line model is allowed,  from a combat wing upwards.  Assistance will be available.

** Class ll is a more advanced competition which is based on the F2b schedule, but with the most tricky parts left out.

Rules and score sheets for the above competitions are available from me ( also on 07825 736692.