Key Documents on Drone Legislation

Following the flurry of announcements on the implementation of Drone Regulations, there are 2 documents that are useful to have available for reference either at Club flying sites or for carriage by individual members.  Note, these only apply to members of the BMFA and the other model flying organisations named in the documents.

They are:

  1. The CAA’s Exemption for aircraft not exceeding 7 Kg mass to operate above 400 ft provided unaided visual contact is maintained and, if in an FRZ, you have the permission from the Zone Authority to do so.  It also covers the case of gliders heavier than 7 Kg but not exceeding 14 Kg that are permitted to be flown on slopes where the limiting height of 400 ft is set as being above the pilot’s position and not over the ground below the hill.  See this link to download the document.
  2. The CAA’s Exemption to BMFA members to use their Achievement Scheme awards, minimum of A or BPC, to avoid the need to hold the CAA’s Required Competency Certificate or the BMFA’s equivalent.  See this link to download this document.

More comprehensive information from the BMFA, including accessing the BMFA’s competency test, can be found by clicking on this link.