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Key Documents on Drone Legislation

Following the flurry of announcements on the implementation of Drone Regulations, there are 2 documents that are useful to have available for reference either at Club flying sites or for carriage by individual members.  Note,…

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Important Information from the BMFA AGM

Clubs and members will be interested in the following key points from Saturday’s BMFA AGM which for ease of reading I have summarised below. BMFA membership fees were agreed as: Seniors: £38 (no change in…


An Idea for Club Nights

Provided by Graham Gooch – Norwich MAC Background In an effort to make monthly Club Meetings Interesting, Educational as well as Enjoyable, I carried out the following which went down very well with those attending….


URGENT – Latest News on Drone Laws

The BMFA Chief Executive has posted this on line.  The text is as follows: I published an update on the BMFA website on 23rd August ( ) which provided a summary of our position at…