A bit about the Waveney MFC

The Vice Chairman of the Waveney MFC has offered the following article for the EA Area website.  If other Clubs would like to follow suit please don’t hold back.  Contact the webmaster (peterjenkinsbmfc@btinternet.com) 


Hi, I am Harry Woodrow, vice chairman of the Waveney Model Flying Club of which I have been a member for ten years now. We have a small but well maintained flying site at Aldeby, just to the north of Beccles. We have a clubhouse on site, in front of this is the car park  with space reserved for disabled members or guests close to the pits area. From the clubhouse looking toward the runway, the pits area is to the right in front of the car park. Further to the right is a helipad also used for noise checks on ic models. There is a fence on the right hand side of the pits, this fence turns left to run in front of the pits and car park with an opening out to the runway and a fenced pilots box. The grass is cut on a regular basis.

In the pits we have some starting benches facing the fence, these have built in model restraints. these are used only for starting and tuning engines. There are two large assembly tables to make assembly easier for those who find it difficult to assemble their models. On arrival all pilots must fill in a log book, noting the time what models they have brought also the frequency used, and log out when they leave. When ready to fly they should observe the following.

  • Perform a range check,
  • Check the model is fit to fly,
  • If an ic model, it must pass the noise test before its allowed to fly. The result of the test is recorded, and if any changes are made to the model, prop size/ type or engine change. Then model must be retested.
  • For ic models when starting ensure no one is in front of prop line, once started and checked its best to get someone to carry the model to the runway.
  • Before going onto the runway any pilots flying must be told what is happening and give the right response.
  • The model must not lift off until its past the pilots box.
  • No flying is allowed behind the line of the runway, this is the edge of the runway and extends across the fields both sides as they are no flying areas. This also means no flying over the pits and car park.

For electric models there is a table near the pilots box, this is used to plug in the battery ready to range check or fly, then the procedure is the same as for ic models before flying.  We have a limit on the number of models allowed in the air at anytime, three ic models plus up to three electric.

If a helicopter pilot wants to fly over the runway rather than the helipad, he flies alone. We do not mix fixed wing and helicopters / drones.

Visitors are welcome to fly with proof of insurance, and their ic model meets the noise limit. 

I hope this gives some insight into how we operate, please come and see us if you come out our way. Check flying times on our website (http://www.waveneymfc.co.uk/) .   Monday and Friday are electric only but no ducted fans. We fly them the rest of the week though.