First East Anglia A Way Day

Earlier this year, some Members of the East Anglia Area expressed a desire to be assessed for their Fixed Wing A and B Certificates as their own Clubs could not offer the level of Examination required.  So, the Area ACEs decided to centralise the event and hold a day for setting up the Delegate’s models, offer mentoring towards their next Assessment and, for those who met the standards, to be tested by the Examiners and Area Chief Examiners present on the day.

The A Way Day Event was advertised on the East Anglia Area website and within two days the allocation of 15 Delegates was fully subscribed with a standby list of 7 Delegates, demonstrating the need for such an Event within the Area. South Norfolk Model Flying Club kindly offered their facilities and provided a superb barbecue.  The Area is indebted to the Members and Committee of SNMFC for the use of their field and the excellent infrastructure

Four of the Area ACEs, offered their services, together with the Examiners and Instructors from SNMFC .

The day dawned windy and overcast with a probability of rain, not the ideal day for a mentoring and Assessment day. Two of the Delegates with lightweight models withdrew early as they felt that the conditions were beyond their capability at the time.

Following an explanation of the site rules by a Member of SNMFC, we had an extended discussion of the required pre-flight checks.


Many Delegates found this to be one of the highlights of the day as they did not normally perform either the full range of pre-flight checks or carry them out to the required standards. Once they understood the necessity for the checks, they said that these would be incorporated into their future routine. A description of the shape and positioning of the manoeuvres followed and highlighted that many of the Delegates did not know how or where the manoeuvres should be performed. They felt that carrying out the manoeuvre was sufficient, not realising that the Guidelines stated distance out and positioning, especially the centre of the manoeuvre.

Models were checked for suitability to fly, servo centres, amount of control surface deflection, lateral and longitudinal C of G, etc., adjusted where necessary and then flown by the Delegates. Many commented that their models flew much better after having an improved set up.

The Delegates were mentored during their flights, with a break for a superb barbecue provided by the Members of SNMFC Flying then continued into the afternoon.



Towards the end of the day, two of the Delegates felt that they had improved sufficiently during the day to attempt their Fixed Wing A Assessment and both passed with flying colours.


Thanks go to the Committee and Members of SNMFC for the use of their field and their assistance on the day, the Mentors for their dedicated support and the Delegates for their attendance.

All in all, a very successful day for all concerned. This is a first for the East Anglia Area as it was held to fulfil a need.  It’s popularity and success will mean further A Way Days will be programmed as required.

Acknowledgements are due to David Blake for the photos of the event.  If you would like a copy of a photo, please contact David Blake via email on