Successful B(FW) Test

Neal Shave of the South Norfolk MFC is pictured (left) with Phil Gutteridge (East Anglia Area Achievement Scheme Coordinator and ACE) receiving his B (FW) certificate following a successful test.

Neal has an interest in flying competition aerobatics and took part in a New Pilot Open Day (NPOD) last year designed to give pilots new to competition aerobatics a taste for what it’s like.  Neal won the one round competition at the end of the day having listened carefully to the coaching he received on the day.  In addition to his B training at his Club, Neal also attended a second NPOD in 2019 where he flew in far windier conditions than he had ever done before and, with the coaching and advice he received, was delighted to find that he could fly under control in those conditions.  When it came time to fly his B test in pretty calm conditions he found it all came together nicely.  Although it is no longer necessary to hold a B(FW) to enter aerobatic competitions, the experience Neal has gained in practicing and passing his B will give him a sound platform when he flies in his first National Competition.

Well done Neal and to his mentors at SNMFC, Glen Rackstraw and Phil Gutteridge.

Photo courtesy of David Blake.