Summary of January Council Meeting

A summary of the Fan 2019 BMFA Council Report below is provided by our Council Delegate

BMFA Council Meeting – 12 January, 2019

 Report from Paul Hoey: East Anglia Area Delegate

 I attended the first meeting in this year’s cycle of the BMFA Full Council on 12 January. Being the first meeting of the year following the AGM and various elections a substantial part of the meeting was taken up with appointing members to various BMFA committees and external agencies.

Internal committees are for example the BMFA Safety Review Committee, the Achievement Scheme Review Committee or  FF, Scale and Control Line Technical committees and international teams to world and European championships. The BMFA is represented on a number of important external bodies including the General Aviation Safety Council, the General Aviation Awareness Council, the Royal Aero Club and Sport and Recreation Alliance.

Of particular note and interest to BMFA affiliated clubs and members are the following key points.

  1. The Government recently published its response to the Drone (UAV) consultation to which there is a link on our East Anglia Area BMFA website. It is becoming clear that there is an increasing understanding of the difference between model aircraft and drones and the positive role of the BMFA, LAA and SAA in governing our sport. In no small part this is due to the work of Dave Phipps, our CEO at European and UK national levels through his engagement with EASA, the CAA and the Department of Transport. Legislation is scheduled for the end of this year.

The input of the BMFA was sought in relation to the Gatwick drone incident and Dave Phipps also advised Surrey Police.

  1. BMFA Insurance: A detailed review with our insurance underwriters and providers has been undertaken and it is more likely that the BMFA will receive a reduced rebate on our premium pending any, as yet, unknown claims to be made for incidents in 2018. As ever safety on the ground and in the air is the responsibility of us all.


  1. Andy Symons reported on the roll out of the new membership system which is going better than anticipated. Andy has held 8 workshops around the country for clubs, together with on line support and the Chacksfield House team have provided telephone guidance. To date the feedback from clubs has been positive and if your club is having difficulties it would be best to contact Andy directly . To date membership renewals are slightly up on the same time last year at over 20,000. Our target is for at least 32,000 this year.


  1. James Gordon made a presentation to Council on a proposal to form a specialist body affiliated to the BMFA for Fun Fly. This was accepted.


  1. The Control Line Technical Committee are working towards the installation of tarmac Control Line circles at Buckminster National Centre. Some clubs and individuals have made donations and if your interest is in control line flying you may wish to consider supporting this development.


  1. Finally it was agreed that a recommendation from Paul Tallet, our Marketing consultant to designate May as a targeted month when clubs and the BMFA centrally will focus on promoting membership and the benefits of model flying. No doubt this is something we will look at by our Area Committee to support you.

Please do contact me if you wish to follow up on any of the above.

Safe flying